oh i don't care
방탄소년단 '호르몬전쟁' (Hormone War) MV


zico: hey kyung listen 2 this shell u can hear the ocean
kyung: this is your mixtape
zico: yeah its on fire go buy it

Bow down before me, for I am your king.


I lost a few followers over the course of last week, but that’s okay, cuz I just found out one of my favorite bloggers has followed me back and I am now crying a river of happy tears!!

The world isn’t so bad after all.


i’m sure they’ll follow you back soon they always do that

tbqh i followed you around for alongwhile and i don’t know why it took so much time to follow you. i think i even had a nickname for you that i can’t remember now plus you’re in my search bar only by typing “b”  you’re so sweet ~~i should be the one thanking you, really!