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[DANCER JAEMIN] Today BLOCK B’s outfits are really pretty!!

even though the picture is shaky ㅎ

Everyone watch it live~~

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[MNET KOREA] [#MCountdownBegins] All the talks that weren’t made during last week’s MCountdown 10th anniversary will be revealed! #GOT7 and VIXX who are focused on role playing! A story where #블락비 has turned into Barbie dolls Even including #인피니트 and their sexy see through back! In a little while at 5PM (KST)#Mnet




[DAVE] I just took a picture with BLOCK B Jaehyo but do we look alike?? We met today but we really do look similar in person. If I were Korean, then it would be Jaehyo ㅋ0ㅋ


random pyo jihoon moments in 5mbc footage



park kyung nearly kills ahn jaehyo


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[B-BOMB] You can #tunein to #BlockB #헐 #HER #BBomb on #MCountdown today ㅎ

When you put Pyo on the spot…


plot twist ahjussi is the biggest bbc


[NEWS] 140730 Block B targets “HER” and sweetly hits the mark

Group Block B shed their tough image and are receiving a great response for their loveable look that will win a woman’s heart.

Block B boldly went forth with the change through their 4th mini-album “HER” which shines with pink light from the album jacket to the music video. It seems like Block B is always intense, but their unexpectedly(?) lovable side comes through this album and ‘definitely melts sweetly’.

During their recent showcase, Block B’s Zico said that the members all enjoy showing change and that they wanted to change their image. With that desire, this time they were able to make the ears of their female fans flutter with their image like boyfriend idols, erasing their existing image.

Block B tossed away their strong and exciting feel from “Nillili Mambo” and “Very Good”, and brought up their loveable side with “HER”.

Member P.O showed the desire to capture the hearts of female fans, saying, “The subject of our previous songs hasn’t been about girls. I think that we’ll be able to show our cute and lovable side through this song”. With their sweet lyrics and cute concept, Block B ranked #1 on the music charts right after releasing their song on music sites. They are up as candidates to win #1 on this week’s SBS “Inkigayo” on August 3rd to solidify their position as popular idols.

“HER” is filled with the heart of a man who has fallen for a woman whose beauty suits the title of the song.

Lyrics exceprt: Jesus, there’s no need for words / Everyone calls you a work of art / Just a little bit of you, gonna fiercely treasure you/ You’re pretty without lacking a thing HER /

Like this, the lyrics of ‘HER’ praises the beauty of the person a man has fallen for, and Block B relays their eager love confession with the ‘romance in their minds’ through their bright image. From Block B’s rappers Park Kyung and P.O putting aside their rap and going for vocal parts to the concept, the entirety of this song has a different color.

The mood of the first track, “A Woman That Is Hard To Find” makes the hearts of women flutter with its lyrics and rap. The lyrics give a great impression as they are dedicated to “the girl who has the most unique charm and is perfect in my eyes”.

Lyrics excerpt: A person shouldn’t have this much charm / Please that’s enough / You’re the pretty one but why am I tired / You’re not an ordinary girl / You’re a girl that’s hard to find /

Block b every album creative and strong individuality image stood out as much ‘girl’ listeners oriented to sensual rhythm meticulous lyrics new album popularity follows.

As much as Block B stood out with their creative and strong individuality for every album they released, their new album gained popularity for its sensual rhythm and meticulous lyrics made for their ‘girl’ listeners.

The new album was completed thanks to leader Zico’s producing, and he was able to successfully make Block B’s wish to “change their image” come true by combining his infinite creativity with sweet romance.

Translated by: youngha @ blockbintl

Source: Sports Today

Please take out translations with full source.

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